Monday, July 13, 2009

the Latin word "vindicare" and its descendants like "revanche" and "vengeance"

I was recently communicating with "somebody" on a revanche-seeking person, and "somebody" was creating the German word vingativ from the Portuguese word vingativo.

It actually took me a moment to find out, what it really means and where it derives from. Initially I had not clue at all, to be honest.

The English wiktionary entry on revanche did not help at all, but the French one on vengeance and the Portuguese on vingar did. They both refer to the Latin vindicare (which is actually a pretty empty entry), but that word in fact means going to justice (maybe somebody wants to replace this English phrase).

So that word made quite a way from going to justice to do-it-yourself justice, didn't it? What dou you think?

Friday, July 10, 2009

I trust Tagged

There has been some news today that NY's Attorney General Andrew Cuomo will sue Tagged for doing bad things like identity theft.

I do care about my informational identy and privacy, but I frankly want to tell everybody, I have got not worries WRT this and Tagged.