Wednesday, February 29, 2012

o'Reilly Media book: Programming Perl, 4th Edition - O'Reilly Media

Programming Perl:
Adopted as the undisputed Perl bible soon after the first edition appeared in 1991, Programming Perl is still the go-to guide for this highly practical language. In this much-anticipated update to "the Camel," three renowned Perl authors cover the language up to its current version, Perl 5.14, with a preview of features in the upcoming 5.16.
From the TOC:

  • Chapter 23: Plain Old Documentation

Friday, February 24, 2012

yet another (but nice) OS X SFTP/SCP browser: Fugu SSH |

Fugu SSH | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at

Got to the files section and get the Lion / Intel build!

QuickSSHd on my Android devices – pictures, e-books, … – created a few recipes for downloading and uploading

First: yes, QuickSSHd is very nice and useful software. Why does Android not come with something like that by itself?

Second: Yes, a graphical SFTP browser (such as Cyberduck) can be quite nice for interacting with an SSH server.

I have downloaded pictures from my tablet and my phone quite a few times now …
I have uploaded e-books to my tablet quite a few times as well ...

At some stage you just start thinking, doing it on the command line resp. in a script is your preferred way. I got there today, and I collected my one-liners in yet another tiny README / HOWTO document. That's a relief!

Actually I would like to rsync to my Android devices, but (I think) the rsync utilities available for Android don't act as remote party.

Update 2012-07-29:
The app's help screen describes briefly but exactly, how to create a new pair of ssh keys and how to transfer the public key to the other party. Basically the public key, from where you are going to log into you Android device, has to be listed in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your Android device.

Friday, February 17, 2012

film: Xingu (2012)

Xingu (2012)

Just saw this film at the Berlin Film Festival. They have an interesting plot summary at the festival site [link].

The white main protagonists are the "Villas Bôas brothers".

Just edited a couple of related articles on the English, German, Portuguese, and French wikipedia.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Israeli movie: Off White Lies = Orhim LeRega (2011)

Orhim le-rega (2011)

I attended the presentation at the Berlin Film Festival yesterday (2012-02-12).
I was quite sorry for the crew on stage after the movie itself for the Q+A section. The moderator should have blocked stupid question resp. answered them herself. She should have spent a lot more time involving (almost) everybody on stage for a question or two. I was quite embarrassed for her.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 : Data Driven Journalism – where journalism meets data

Data Driven Journalism : CamStudio – Record your desktop to AVI and SWF formats for handy demo videos

CamStudio - Desktop Screen Recorder | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at

Perl Data Language – scientific computing with Perl

Perl Data Language

The Pragmatic Bookshelf: The Cucumber Book – Behaviour-Driven Development for Testers and Developers

The Cucumber Book at
Your customers want rock-solid, bug-free software that does exactly what they expect it to do. Yet they can't always articulate their ideas clearly enough for you to turn them into code. The Cucumber Book dives straight into the core of the problem: communication between people. Cucumber saves the day; it's a testing, communication, and requirements tool - all rolled into one.

O'Reilly Media book: Programming Google App Engine

Programming Google App Engine:

Google App Engine does more than provide access to a large system of servers. It also offers you a simple model for building applications that scale automatically to accommodate millions of users. With this updated edition of Programming Google App Engine, you'll get expert practical guidance that will help you make the best use of this powerful platform. Google engineer Dan Sanderson shows you how to design your applications for scalability, including ways to perform common development tasks using App Engine's APIs and scalable services.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Pragmatic Bookshelf: Lean from the Trenches – Managing Large-Scale Projects with Kanban

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Lean from the Trenches: Managing Large-Scale Projects with Kanban

o'Reilly Media book: Learning Perl / Student Workbook

Learning Perl Student Workbook:
This is an ebook-only question and answer workbook to accompany the 6th Edition of Learning Perl ("the Llama"). If you're just getting started with Perl, this is the book you want—whether you're a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. This 6th edition of Learning Perl covers recent changes to the language up to version 5.14. Exercises are presented in the first half of the workbook, with the answers in the second. Topics include: Scalar Data Lists and Arrays Subroutines Input and Output Hashes In the World of Regular Expressions Matching with Regular Expressions Processing Text with Regular Expressions 10. More Control Structures Perl Modules File Tests Directory Operations Strings and Sorting Smart Matching Process Management Some Advanced Perl Techniques Databases …

O'Reilly Media book: book on Richard Stallman: Free as in Freedom

Free as in Freedom [Paperback]:
Free as in Freedom interweaves biographical snapshots of GNU project founder Richard Stallman with the political, social and economic history of the free software movement. It examines Stallman's unique personality and how that personality has been at turns a driving force and a drawback in terms of the movement's overall success.

Friday, February 3, 2012

where is the fun with Firefox Aurora …

…, if most of my plugins are getting disabled with the next upgrade?

Back to Firefox "beta update channel"! That should be exciting enough. Well, at least my plugins are functional there.

Q: what about Adium 1.5rc3 and its Skype plugin? A: the Skype plugin got blacklisted

A couple of minutes ago, Adium popped up this message:

A new version of Adium is available.
Adium 1.5rc3 is now available––you have 1.4.4. Would you like to download it now?

Release Notes:
Version 1.5rc3 …
  • … 
  • Blacklisted the Skype plugin in 1.5, as it's known to be broken. 
  •  …

No, I don't want to run Adium without its Skype plugin (any more).
At least they mention now, there is a problem with the Skype plugin, so I don't have to try.
I don't know, what I am missing, if I stay with 1.4.4, but it would be much harder for me to run Adium without Skype.