Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Skype and concurrent logins with multiple

I love using Skype IM from within Adium. As "everybody" knows, that needs the Skype utility to run itself in the background, and just with Skype itself you can only have exactly one login on a "Desktop" (Desktop session per computer). So if you want to be available for your friends and family throughout your awake time (i.e. also at work) with one Skype ID, you must also allow business contacts to make use of exactly this Skype ID. But then business contacts will also attempt to contact you during off-office hours, and you will have uncomfortable situations during evenings and weekends, if you are not able to serve them as requested.

So Skype / Microsoft are kindly asked to support such concurrent logins. You can have concurrent MSN / XMPP / … logins, so why not concurrent Skype logins?

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