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Monday, January 21, 2013

CVS Tools (sourceforge)

CVS Tools - Utilities for adminitrators and end users

  • – format the output of cvs stat -v to a more informative tree-like listing from where you can see development lines and branches.
  • – format the output of cvs update to see only relevant messages. Modifications, errors and conflicts etc. are reported, otherwise the output is quiet. Helps updating large trees and seing only what's important.
  • – a general tool to change ("edit") CVS repository file contents CVS/Root and CVS/Repository easily. In fact this program can change any file recursively, so it's not just for CVS.

red-bean CVS Utilities

CVS Utilities

Sunday, January 20, 2013

patch is a Unix program that updates text files according to instructions … - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

patch (Unix) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The article includes "usage examples", and it refers to another article named "diff variations", which is quite useful to read for better understanding of the matter.

"Somebody" requested me to test critical software and to keep the number of changes to the software itself minimal. He suggested, I should find a way of creating the changes, that I think are necessary to ease my testing, automatically, ie. to sort of "patch" the original file. After I had gotten told that a couple of times, it clicked in my upper storey. Why not use the homonymous UNIX utility? This may not be very innovative, but it somehow enraptured me.

On AIX patch and "diff -u" don't seem to work together.