Tuesday, February 19, 2008

subversion and emacs

After working with subversion within emacs for quite a couple of months, occasionally I found out, that my choice for emacs subversion bindings was quite a little to fast, but luckily enough apparantly quite the right one. You can find all the bindings at this SVN URL. My choice is psvn.el.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Apple's PropertyList in Ruby

Silly me just wanted to create my 1st project on rubyforge.org, and when I had just filled out all fields for doing so, rubyforge.org told me, that a project by that name already existed, and actually I found out, it is exactly, what I could have used instead of writing my own software. I remember, when I started that software, I was so focused and overly sure, that it was absolutely unlikely to already exist. I am happy to replace using my plist implementation by the public one soon.
Actually my code looks like a litte more lightweight, but it only implements a reader so far (using ordinary lists and also hash lists but no dedicated classes), and mine requires 'rexml/document' but theirs does it all itself -- another case of NIH. Both implementations don't support property values of type date and data.
Maybe my code will survive this crisis. Will this then be another case of NIH itself? Or just offering an alternative?

Friday, February 1, 2008

shockwave for Linux -- ist that a problem?

title says it all. application/x-director is something, that my Linux firefox does not understand.

Microsoft Office Picture Manager

On the Windows platform this is my favourite imaging utility. It helps me compressing the documents I scanned and on multiple other issues.

my eee-pc -- I broke it a little

It didn't take too long, until I broke the tiny little thing a little. synaptics (the GUI package manager) complained about kdelibs4c2a and ... cannot install ... and whatever.

I went to wiki.eeeuser.com and forum.eeeuser.com, but the search hits were a little unclear unsorted. I googled site:forum.eeeuser.com kdelibs4c2a and that was most helpful. Somebody had already described the same problem, and somebody else had already described a solution:

You have to make sure that you get the Xandros ksmserver and kicker from Asus and not the Debian ones. It sounds like you're doing this step after you put a Debian repository in your /etc/apt/sources.list. Use one of the various methods to force apt-get to get this from Asus instead
(e.g. comment out the Debian server,
and then
$ sudo apt-get update
and then
$ sudo apt-get install ksmserver kicker
and then after that, if you want, you can put the Debian server back in).

I think I will re-de-comment the other repositories more selectively from now on, as I don't want to experience this kind of trouble very often.