Thursday, September 23, 2010

a web cam observing the road at the bus stop nearby

The bus stop here at my host's place on Martinique is only like 50 meters away. The final bus stop in the other direction is only a couple of minutes away. So it would be worth observing the busses going to the final stop, assuming they will actually return after like 10 minutes or so. The advantage: as long as they don't pass by, they also won't return in my direction, so it's not worth running to the bus stop. The busses are late quite often a litte late, and also sometimes they don't show up at all.

Manzana verde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Manzana verde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My host on Martinique offered me a glass of manzana with ice cubes from his bar, I liked it.

This is from the entry on

Manzana, also known as manzanita and manzana verde, is a liqueur generally made of wild apples. The name refers to the apples and not the alcoholic beverage which is usually clear in color. It has Spanish origins, more precisely of the Basque country. Its name manzana is apple in Spanish; verde is Spanish for "green".
Manzana contains from 15 to 20% of alcohol. It is sweet and tastes like green apples, similar in taste to pucker.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Continuous Testing with Ruby

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Continuous Testing with Ruby

Going Back (Phil Collins album) - I am now a proud owner of this album

Going Back (Phil Collins album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Couldn't wait any longer – and it's pure MP3, purchased and downloaded from

Online Parallel Bible: good for quoting, comparing, and researching verses

Online Parallel Bible: Weaving God's Word into the Web

how to call a SIP phone by its IP-address

You may of course replace IP-address here by DNS name.

The Scenario:

The callee has a number of accounts configured on his SIP phone (resp. SIP capable router or whatever (a FRITZ!Box 7390 in my case)).
One of the accounts is 456123 at whatever SIP provider. (This works for all the accounts set up on your SIP phone.)
It is strange, but for this purpose here, it does not matter, which SIP provider this account is tied with.

The DNS name of your SIP phone is

You can now call the SIP phone at

Of course you yourself have to use a SIP capable phone or software in order to place a call to such an address.

For the FRITZ!Boxes you remove the leading "sip:", so you only enter as a phone number on your 1st phone book of your FRITZ!Box, and of course the entry needs a name. The phone book entry will also get a shortcut assigned (that you can alter, if you want to), and you have to leave a (non-ambiguous) shortcut there, even if you don't make direct use of it.
You can than call that remote SIP phone by this shortcut.
On a FRITZ!Fon MT-F you can also call that remote SIP phone "directly" from the FRITZ!Box that 1st phone book visible on the FRITZ!Fon MT-F.

I learned tonight, was, that you can (only) call the callee using the "account names" of the SIP accounts, he has with any resp. all SIP providers (apparently) outside.

I actually hope, there is a way to set up an SIP account on the callee's SIP phone, that is not tied to a SIP provider at all. I don't see the serious reason for that.
There should be a way, the callee answers on accounts, that he does not necessarily hold with SIP providers "outside". But I don't know yet, how to set up such an account on my SIP capable router.
I do actually know, how to set up such an account for the "Local Area Network" of my router, but I don't know yet, how to do this for the "Wide Are Network" side of my router.

To Be Continued …

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's raining, there is a power outage, but the UPS is still running

This satellite map makes me think, it will keep raining here for quite a little longer.
There is also a power outage, but my host has a UPS installed, but that will not go for hours, I guess it's covering like 30 minutes or. We shall see. I cannot imagine, I will be offline for many hours.

flight search:

Cheap flights | Free flight comparison from

flight search: swoodoo


Leaving TextMate – Coming Home to Vim / Jamis Buck

the { buckblogs :here }: Coming home to Vim

"if you find that irritating, just keep scrolling by"

My version of that is: "you should know, where the delete button is on your keyboard."

Leaving TextMate – Coming Home to Vim / Steve Losh

Coming Home to Vim / Steve Losh

  • TextMate does not have split windows

"to go cold turkey with ..." - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

go cold turkey - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
to suddenly and completely stop doing something, esp. a bad habit

The Linux migration project in the Swiss Canton of Solothurn - The H Open Source: News and Features

A crash landing for Linux? - The H Open Source: News and Features

movie: Better Off Dead... (1985) - IMDb

Better Off Dead... (1985) - IMDb

Monday, September 20, 2010

Daniele Ganser: Fear as a Weapon - the Effects of Psychological Warfare on Domestic and International Politics

IPRD » Fear as A Weapon The Effects of Psychological Warfare on Domestic and International Politics

I looked the author up, browsed the resp. articles on and There is no article on him yet.

"Fear as a weapon", that reminded me almost immediately of "FUD" = "fear, uncertainty and doubt":
a tactic of rhetoric and fallacy used in sales, marketing, public relations, politics and propaganda …

Sort of "funny":
… Then, on Tuesday, November 6, a NATO spokesman probably Robert Stratford explained that NATO’s denial of the previous day had been false. The spokesman left journalists with a short communiqué which stated that NATO never commented on matters of military secrecy …
Field Manual FM 30–31B details how and when the state can carry out terrorist operations. It specifies the methodology for launching terrorist attacks in nations that “do not react with sufficient effectiveness” against “communist subversion.” Ironically, the manual states that the most dangerous moment comes when leftist groups “renounce the use of force” and embrace the democratic process. …
Daniele Ganser's conclusion:
Those very few scientists who have researched the fields of psychological warfare and published on the subject realise that the weapon of fear is still being used today by a number of international actors in the context of the so- called ‘war on terrorism’. Without fear the so-called ‘war on terrorism’ could not succeed. Yet fear cripples the personal development of every human being and promotes violence in human interactions. Therefore all efforts should be made to assess the reality and power of fear as a secret weapon. Thereafter a conscious decision to monitor one’s own emotions, and particularly one’s fears and those who manipulate them, can allow every human being to break free from the destructive circle of fear and violence. For fear is a dangerous weapon only as long as the target remains ignorant of its real causes and the secret strategy is undetected. In full light it loses its strength and tends to dissolve. Regaining control of one’s own thoughts and emotions, and making a conscious decision to steer clear of fear and hatred, seem therefore, adequate answers to some of the major challenges of the twenty-first century.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

from Fort-de-France back home to my client / host

Got on a bus.

Left the bus at the giant Carrefour / Dillon market.

Some shopping incl. getting the Toy Story sneakers for son#2, some beer and tea bag and lovely red jam and nut cream and instant coffee and last not least some guave fruits.

My client / host and me had agreed in the meantime to meet at the Gwa Gwa pub to eat out.

Got on a bus, asked the bus-driver to tell me, where the stop for the hospital resp. Gwa Gwa would be, and he told me to take the bus in the other direction (stuttering and not easy to understand).

Got to the bus stop in the opposite direction, called my client / host again, and he confirmed that I actually was in the bus in the right direction – so, girls, do you know, why men don't ask strangers for the direction? because they hate to get fooled. Even if he didn't fool me on purpose, I just shouldn't have asked.

So waiting for the next bus in the right direction, which could take up to an hour.

Had the foolish idea to show my thumb, like hitchhikers do it in Germany, but why shouldn't I? I had to wait anyway, so I can just as well do something useful at the cost of very little energy. Apparently hitchhikers do it differently over here, they more like wave their right hand to say "Helloooooo!".

A lady and her maybe 12y daughter stopped, not taking me for too serious, but not being too anxious as well. That was rather nice. After leaving their car I checked for my iPod, confused where I had put it at last, ran to their car, asked them to let me have a look at where I sat, didn't find it there, finally found it in my rucksack. Of course.

I got to the Gwa Gwa quite some time before my client / host, and enjoyed sitting there and watching people, apparently middle class.

Had some nice time there with my mate.

Had a gentle walk back later that evening, actually always slightly anxiously watching the traffic, not only because we were hard to spot during this nightly walk on that rural road.

my trip to Anse-Mitan wasn't really, what I expected it to be

during the 1st couple of minutes, I happened to read on the ferry, that there is an out-of-order ferry schedule being applied on Saturdays currently, so effectively this was the last ferry going from Fort-de-France to Anse Mitan,
and I was rather lucky, too, to read this at all, as this ferry was also the latest one to take me back to Fort-de-France.
so effectively this was “just” a pretty pleasant round-trip with a slightly long waiting period before the start and no time at all on the beach.
Note à l'attention de notre clientèle: Nous informons notre aimable clientèle que jusqu'à ce que des solutions contre les actes d'insécurité soient trouvées les services du week-end s'arrêtereront le Samedi comme suit: ...

So first stop on my round-trip: Anse-à-l'Âne.

2nd stop: Anse-Mitan.

3rd stop: Pointe du Bout – and all of a sudden, I got the idea, the note did not explicitely say, the ferry would return to Fort-de-France, it just looked logical, but then on what basis could I use the term logical under these conditions?

Actually I was pretty silly to notice the note only after the ferry left the harbour of Fort-de-France, as I was sitting close to it for like 15 minutes, when the ferry sat in the harbour waiting ... to keep the schedule.

a ferry approaches, I hope it's mine

the ferry to Anse-Mitan didn't come

And it only comes and goes once per hour, but I have Marisa Monte in my ear, so it's not really that bad, and I also started dancing on my own by her music. Out here you think, it's not worth being ashame for this kind of exaltation.

yet another blog? yes, in French

I will mainly collect bookmarks in French, but I will also write a few things now and then.

heading for the beach at Anse-Mitan across the bay

I finally got the bus schedule as PDF on the phone, that will be useful.

Friday, September 17, 2010

EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE: Minor Invoice Errors – Deduction of VAT

Judgment in case Pannon Gep Centrum Kft (C-368/09) – Minor Invoice Errors – Deduction of VAT

In other words: the taxman may and must not regard your invoices as nil or invalid, just because there are minor errors.

A German interpretation of the decision:

Rechnungsnummer muss nicht fortlaufend sein

Der Europäische Gerichtshof hat entschieden:
Das Finanzamt darf den Abzug der Vorsteuer nicht verweigern, nur weil der Unternehmer seine Rechnungen nicht fortlaufend, sondern nach einem anderen System nummeriert (Aktenzeichen C-368/09).
So können Firmenchefs verschiedene Nummernkreise zum Beispiel für unterschiedliche Stammkunden verwenden. Die einzelnen Nummernfolgen müssen aber nicht lückenlos sein. Folglich darf das Finanzamt den Vorsteuerabzug auch nicht aus diesem Grund verweigern.

digital cameras, the Orientation tag, pictures not standing upright

Modern cameras (some mobile phone cameras included) sense, what is up and what is down, if you take a picture. And if the software on your computer likes interpreting the "EXIF Orientation" flag of the picture, you will never notice, something unusual is going on. Some software doesn't though, so sometimes you are tempted to turn your picture long enough, until it does stand upright. But that kind of software also doesn't properly keep the Orientation flag in sync, so next time you browse you pictures with modern software, the pictures look no longer standing upright with that software.

Now today I thought of a simple trick, but I wasn't sure beforehand, whether it would work – and it did work.

Let me explain the idea! Let's suppose you watch your picture in modern software! If you turn your picture once to the left, and once to the right, that looks like it should not have any effect, but afterwards the Orientation tag is set to "Horizontal (normal)", and internally the picture is also represented "upright".

Why is that?
Well, when the software 1st picks up the picture with a value different to "Horizontal (normal)", it turns the picture, so that it looks upright to you. But I assume, you wouldn't like it, if that operation would cause the picture file to change on your disk, right?!?
But if you turn the picture to the left, that is an operation, that you would allow to have an effect to the picture file, right?!? And if you turn the picture to the right, that annuls the visual effect in your eyes.
If your software is rather smart, it only keeps track of the orientation changed and updates the EXIF Orientation tag. That wouldn't help us.
If your software isn't overly smart but just smart enough for us, it will leave the picture and the picture file in a state, so that the picture's internal representation is upright and the EXIF Orientation tag is set to "Horizontal (normal)", and everything is fine. Now pretty much every software will show the picture properly regardless of the EXIF Orientation tag.
Neat trick, isn't it? Works for me on Mac OS X with the Previewer.
That software requires me to confirm, that I want the changed files saved to disk. Other software may have done that already without asking you.

Stuxnet worm can control industrial systems - The H Security: News and Features

Stuxnet worm can control industrial systems - The H Security: News and Features

Tip: Just the text, please! – stripping out all the presentation from the original source and just pasting in a block of text

Google Chrome Blog: Tip: Just the text, please!

That is a really, really nice feature!!!

You can use this shortcut in any (online Google) rich text editor (like Gmail's compose window, or when writing in Google Docs) to strip out all the presentation from the original source and just paste in a block of text.

on my way back, planning for a quick stop at Carrefour ...

... for an avocado, maybe a ripe guava, and also maybe a nice, cold beer. Alright and also for enjoying the local middle and upper class spending their money there.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

on my way to the beach

The bus got suddenly filled with pupils leaving school. There was a sudden heavy shower. One of the bigger boys wanted to know sth. regarding the pho ne, I was a little nervous answering, but this seemed to help: je ne comprends pas tous les mots. Also the loud music was low again all off a sudden, and serious: my eyes didn't say "I know Krav Maga".

Berlin - Zurich - Paris Charles de Gaulle - Paris Orly - Fort-de-France, Martinique

I actual wrote all this on 2010-09-02, but as I couldn't blog it in sync with the real time line, as I was offline most of the time, I did not find the right time to do it. I just found this text in an open window of my OS X GNU Emacs, and as Apple forces me to reboot pretty soon, I rather post it now than very much later. A few things need to get added, a few linefeeds to get removed.

I never started a journey and even a long distance journey like this. There are 2 resp. 3 carriers involved in this journey, I could not successfully check in through the web or the smartphone to part of it,
I didn't really know in all detail, how and whether I would get all my luggage to my destination (and I didn't), the connection bus from CdG to Orly was as risky, as we call did foresee, and honest: I only got on board of the Air Caraïbes flight to my final destination with quite a lof of chutzpah and because the other travelers in Orly weren't as nasty as I would seriously expect them "my" country. And traveling as two (esp. between CdG and Orly) would have brought the two to the first serious crisis during this journey, that's ultimately sure.

During the very last phase prior to my departure my SO got pretty annoyed with me,
because my luggage had not got completed like 7 days in advance, which is what she does for her own long-distance flights between Germany and Brazil.
Because nowadays that her daughters usually don't travel on the same day as herself
and esp. sometimes later than herself,
she gets at least one of them to go to the airport with her and take that part of the luggage back home,
that gets rejected in the very beginning.
That was a very useful hint,
and I asked her to play that role for me,
and she agreed.
That implied she stayed the night in my place.

I wasn't anywhere near I wanted to be "officewise",
and I knew I would work until late,
and I actually and literally worked through the night.
I brought her to bed ("extended version"),
she reminded me of a certain "medical aid" (ROTFL!!), I shouldn't forget to take with me, as the local sizes might not fit,
and I was rather enchanted by her attitude.
I had never expected that at all from her.

So through the night I sorted the paper batches in two main categories and "the remainder":
* to be scanned and lefted at home
* not to be scanned and taken with me
* not to be scanned and left at home
And I truely got everything scanned, that I regarded necessary.
This was work I actually had not achieved within months before this journey,
so this just another and very important "sided-effect" of this journey.
Now all these scanned bills etc. sit on my hard disk (of course I backed them up, before I left, actually there are now 4 copies all together, not a big deal with my nice and beloved "Rakefile"),
waiting to get renamed and renumbered,
some of them also to get processed like "transformed" into a bank account transfer.
What an achievement!!
I do need more of these events, I think,
and actually SO's daughther#2 applied as company,
but that might turn out a little difficult,
because this is going to be a male nerd monastery.

Well, scanning and shutting down the computers took like 15 minutes too long,
which made it necessary to replace the airport bus by a costly airport taxi,
which was actually rather nice, as I have known the driver from my commuting years some time ago.

Airport staff at Berlin Tegel did enforce any big change in my "luggage system",
just that I had to split my rucksack content in two,
but that split had already gotten prepared and wasn't a difficult thing.
So my SO's company during the trip to the airport was simply pleasure (aport from here slightly negative excitedness),
but obviously such support is very good for your nerves.
You should get yourself such an SO as mine!!

So the trip with its stop in Zurich over to Paris Charles de Gaulles (CdG) wasn't that exciting,
apart from the question, how many minutes we would be late,
as every single minutes late would matter during the trip from CdG to Orly.

I expected far more difficulties regarding for the "section" between "leaving the plane from Zurich" and "getting on board of the bus to Orly".
Getting the luggage was easy,
I knew which exit to take (#34) to best reach the bus,
just waiting for the luggage seemed endless,
and that took 20 minutes counting from the planned arrival.
That meant just 70 minutes left until dropping the luggage ...

I left the bus too early, ie. at Orly-East instead of Orly-South,
I took the train, didn't get a ticket for that, because I didn't want to waste time, I was pretty nervous, though not completely desperate.
I searched for the check-in counter,
I got told it might be too late for accepting the luggage,
I should just regard it as hand luggage, and the guy gave me a lable.
All my hand luggage got now checked as cabin luggage,
all my fluid things as sun milk, shower gel, …, all that got taken away,
I made a scene, avoided that my manicure set got taken away, too.
I ran to the departure gate,
disobeying certain rules, but finding mercy though,
I got to the departure gate on the minute of the planned departure.

Chupacabra, the Latin-American "goat (blood) sucker" - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chupacabra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I am just hoping, it's not going to show up here on Martinique, as I am preparing myself to sleep outside one of the coming nights, and the Chupacabra might disturb my sweet dreams then.

Lime (fruit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lime (fruit) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I really love the home-grown lime from Brazil and here on Martinique.
(BTW: the hummingbird just visits our garden's bushes and tree.)

Other sources say, there is no vitamin C in lime – I am a little confused now. Google's Music Service

Exclusive: Sources Detail Google's Proposal For A Music Service

the local cane sugar together with lime from the garden tastes fine in …

… in the local rum or in a cup of Darjeeling tea.

office work in the morning, Caribbean beach in the afternoon

Sitting on the sofa in the fresh air, enjoying the Caribbean morning, waiting for the hummingbirds to return, I can smell, that the neighbour started cooking again. She seems to like garlic a lot, I also noticed that yesterday.

"Facebook killer" Diaspora source code released - The H Open Source: News and Features

"Facebook killer" Diaspora source code released - The H Open Source: News and Features

How Badass Brazilian Babies/Toddlers Pwn Adults When It Comes to Dancing

O'Reilly Media - Ebook Deal of the Day: Choose Your Own Cookbook - Only $9.99 each

O'Reilly Media - Ebook Deal of the Day: Choose Your Own Cookbook - Only $9.99 each

shopping in the darkness of the early Caribbean evening

I really like the local Carrefour / Dillon. Their own articles are apparently targeted towards the Francophone + Dutch market, so the articles are labeled in the resp. languages. I only saw this  a lot, when I lived and worked in Antwerp, but I did not expect to see this again out here in the Caribbean.

After a little searching I finally even found something similar to Philadelphia / green. I am not quite sure, whether this is adequate food for the Caribbean, but apparently there is not just me here, who seems to like it. I also got me some Camembert, that together with some nice baguette will help me survive.

For breakfast I got now müsli, corn flakes, and milk. And bananas, bananas, bananas, …

Oooo, the milk is from France, not a local product. What a pity!

BTW: If you ever want to see a garbage bin, just as clean as you breakfast table: come and see it here!

I am not sure, whether I did that already, but I don't want to forget to mention this:
I love the Caribbean.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

youtube: Bob Dylan The Byrds - Turn Turn Turn (1990)

Whenever I quote "Preacher 3" to people not familiar with the Torah, the Tanakh / Bible in general, I refer them to this song:
There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

What is cURL good for ? - Stack Overflow

What is cURL good for ? - Stack Overflow

Quite a nice list! Let it inspire you!
The other week is attended a presentation, where curl was used for triggering all sorts of actions on a data base engine through an HTTP server. curl is really the swiss army knife of web-2.0.

Apple is a ‘mutant virus’ says Acer founder | 9 to 5 Mac Apple is a ‘mutant virus’ says Acer founder | Apple Intelligence

Apple is a ‘mutant virus’ says Acer founder | 9 to 5 Mac Apple is a ‘mutant virus’ says Acer founder | Apple Intelligence

the ISP doesn't let you ssh

Did that occur to you before? Your (new) Internet connection seems to work instantly, but then you recognize, that you do not succeed with ssh connections. (Search engine question: "Why does my SSH connection not work?") That may have different reasons.

  1. The ISP block connections on certain destination ports like 22.
    If you can, get the sshd you want to connect to, to also answer on port 23 e.g. . You achieve this with an additional line like this in sshd_config there: "Port 23".
    Usually the "Port 22" has not been explicit there so far, so if you add another Port line, you would also have to make that "Port 22" explicit, otherwise that sshd will not answer on port 22 any longer.
  2. The ISP does not like TOS flags in IP packets, that do not equal 0, or they just don't like the TOS flag chosen by your openssh.
    The following bullets should actually be "2.1" …, but blogger doesn't easily support this, and I am just to lazy to enforce it HTML-wise.
  • If you are using Linux and iptables, this may be your quickiest way to achieve this:
    iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -p TCP --dport 22 -j TOS --set-tos 0x0
    It did not work for me though, so I had to find another way.
  • I decided to adapt openssh to my needs, and here is the recipe:
    Get yourself an openssh TAR ball, unpack it, configure it!
    Add this line to config.h : "#define IP_TOS_IS_BROKEN 1" in order to leave the TOS flag untouched!
    Build it, and install it to a safe place, i.e. not necessarily to the standard place, so you will still be able to use the standard installation!
  • A friend of mine built himself a utility to run on the router (a FRITZ!Box 7050 router) and selectively adapt the TOS flag according to his needs.
    Migrating the utility to our FRITZ!Box 7390 models cost us too much time though, so we abandoned that solution.
    If you are still interested in this approach, he might forward his sources to you, so let us know!

my 1st hummingbirds on Martinique

Sitting on the sofa on the balcony / terrace at my customer's place, thinking about sad IT issues, my eyes got aware of a very nice and lovely "irregularity" in the garden: 2 black+blue hummingbirds. I hope, they will return soon.

Monday, September 13, 2010

a very nice pier, but unluckily connected to a construction area and not open to the public

The location given here is not precisely, where I was standing and what I was referring to. I was standing right by the waterside, which was rather close. And the pier went between 50 and 100 meters into the ocean. I would have loved to sit their with my MacBook hooked to the Internet and writing about my journey and the lovely place.

just completed some part of my overseas communication with Europe

I video-skyped with son#1 and his mother, and for the first time the timezone shift was the other way round: I was in broad daylight, and they at Berlin were already in the "darkness of the night". Quite funny.

Facebook locked me out from Facebook chatting, because they found my IP-address weird

Once I logged into Facebook on their web-site again, they confronted me with "weird" activities on my account with them, showing me a log-in attempt from Gouadeloupe. For them Gouadeloupe and Martinique seem to have something in common. After I confirmed that as OK, they also let me log into their XMPP style chatting again. That's quite amusing.

returning home the 1st time on Martinique

Longing for my 2nd shower "inside" and still for the 1st shower "outside" for today. There is a lot of delightful sweetness here.

Update / 2010-11-19:
It is so hot and humid on Martinique. My host had told me, there are a couple of showers each day, and I was eagerly waiting for them to come over me.
What made this one of my most popular posts in 2010?
Originally through a typo it said "ans still …" instead of "and still …", which made it rather hard to understand.

first things first on Martinique

Got the router working and hooked up on the Internet again, before I went to bed. The customer's ISP imposes non-default PPPoE parameters. which we sorted, but the ISP seems to not want SSH connections, so the packets need a change of tags. Against my hunger I am eating guave, nice baby bananas, and later avocado from the market. Phone battery went below 20%, and reminded me of getting home. I am going to post the journey story so far then. So return here a little later, funny and exciting things wait to get told and read.

Friday, September 10, 2010

FRITZ!Box 7390: a USB printer serving as network printer on a computer running Windows

The instructions in the (German) user manual imply, that the printer was first properly attached to the computer itself. The user manual explains, how to change the settings of the printer configuration, so that you can make use of that printer, which is now attached to the FRITZ!Box.

You can also install it as a network printer right away, but be patient and trust in the Windows set up wizzard.
Let it retrieve the complete list of printers from the Internet, in case your printers are as ancient as mine!
You won't need to tell it, it's port 9100, the Windows installation procedure takes just as long as it announced: several minutes.

FRITZ!Box 7390 "20002484" with Annex A and Annex B and English GUI – it's available right now

I got "mine" this afternoon, found it "somewhere" at the AVM headquarters like 10 minutes away from my place. I got officially numbered "1". It's going to get shipped to Martinique on Sunday (really!).

It comes with a German 220V power supply, "but" with modem and telephone "Bell" adapters. So I guess, you will have to get an appropriate power supply adapter yourself, depending on your country.

I would really love to keep one for myself, I love computers that talk to me in English, and a router/modem with Annex A wouldn't be bad for the next holiday to "Annex A"-land. But then, the firmware for AVM's flagship will always be best-maintained in German. And I do love to press the FRITZ!Box update button on my MT-F. A couple of minutes offline 3 times a week or even more often (you wouldn't believe, how often they provide you with firmware updates!), and there you are: a newborn 7390!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Pinging Makes My Ears Bleed: Apple Succumbs to Synergy · daily · September 7, 2010

The Pinging Makes My Ears Bleed: Apple Succumbs to Synergy · daily · September 7, 2010

Quotations from the text:

  • (on Facebook) "biggest asshole tech company run by a Harvard drop-out" (ROTFL)

The 'premature optimization is evil' myth – Joe Duffy's Weblog

Joe Duffy's Weblog | The free PDF Creator and Converter | The free PDF Creator and Converter

I love installing this on Windows machines.

my Twitter timeline at bedtime

I feel so much better, if I go to sleep pretty much in sync with my Twitter timeline. That just implies, it's pretty unlikely, I will lose something, until I will be able to catch up again tomorrow in the early afternoon.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cyberduck FTP client adds Google Storage support - The H Open Source: News and Features

Cyberduck FTP client adds Google Storage support - The H Open Source: News and Features

c-base 2010-09-08 HTML5 presentation in German


looking forward to a Rosh HaShana service at the Berlin Rykestrasse synagogue

This will be son#2's second "event" in a synagogue. I think Rykestrasse is quite a wonderful place for that, and I hope he will like it (the shofar and the chasen and all that), and it will have some kind of long lasting effect on him. I hope, his ancestry will have some influence in the background on him as well. I am really happily looking forward to this.
To all of you out there from Berlin: Chag Sameach! Shana Towa!

Official Google Blog: Google now allows OpenID for sign-up

Official Google Blog: Simpler sign-ups for Yahoo! users and others with OpenID

APRESS.COM : Learn Objective-C for Java Developers

Today for just USD 10 – use this link:
APRESS.COM | Books for Professionals, by Professionals ...


Book Details
Learn Objective-C for Java Developers book cover
  • By James Bucanek
  • ISBN13: 9781430223696
  • ISBN10: 1430223693
  • 520 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2009-09-25
  • eBook Price: $27.99

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers will guide experienced Java developers into the world of Objective-C. It will show them how to take their existing language knowledge and design patterns and transfer that experience to Objective-C and the Cocoa runtime library. This is the express train to productivity for every Java developer who has dreamed of developing for Mac OS X or iPhone, but felt that Objective-C was too intimidating. So hop on and enjoy the ride!
  • Provides a translation service that turns Java problem-solving skills into Objective-C solutions
  • Allows Java developers to leverage their existing experience and quickly launch themselves into a new domain
  • Takes the risk out of learning Objective-C

What you'll learn

  • Apply Java experience to Objective-C and Cocoa
  • Use elegant alternatives that increase productivity
  • Maximize the powerfully unique constructs of Objective-C, like class clusters
  • Think like an object-oriented C programmer to create more reusable code
  • Use all of the things in Java and Objective-C that are actually quite similar, like MVC design patterns
  • Learn how to do all of it within Apple's powerful Xcode programming environment using Cocoa frameworks

Who is this book for?

Experienced Java developers interested in developing native applications for Apple's Mac OS X operating system, iPhone, and iPod touch.

"Your nerd knows very little about a lot"

From: Michael Lopp's book Being Geek - O'Reilly Media

In chapter 23, the author addresses the nerd's significant other.

Here are a few pretty significant sentences:

Your nerd knows very little about a lot. For many topics, his knowledge is an inch deep and four miles wide. He’s comfortable with this fact because he knows that deep knowledge about any topic is a clever keystroke away.
I would seriously appreciate, if prospective clients and employers shared this perception. I think, he is completely right with this. After more than 25 years in IT, do you think, that any module in Lisp, Perl, Ruby, or whatever is slightly close to rocket science?

local Perl Monger admin boards: do you want them to behave the democratic way or does Democracy not really matter there?

  • Shall the admins of mailing lists be publicly known?
  • Shall their decisions get filed to somehow public places, shall these decisions be reviewable by committees?
  • Shall they ask for permission for disciplinary acts (like elimination of group members) at more central instances?
  • Shall it be possible to appeal their decisions?
  • Shall it be possible to sue them in democratic courts for misbehavior? I mean: you do like your legal system somehow, don't you? Or do you prefer anarchism over you country's legal system?!?
  • Shall it be possible to ask this kind of questions?

To be honest with you: I personally prefer the democratic and transparent way, and I certainly answer all those questions simply with a straight "yes, certainly, of course!".

For almost 20 years I had no doubt, that Larry Wall's followers are just nice and certainly also democratic and well-behaving fellows.

I actually hate wasting my and your time with this kind of "trivial" and basic things, as I used to think, that educated people are certainly convinced of democratic principles anyway.

I certainly agree, that discussing technical things in a foreign language means quite an obstacle to also many Perl programmers, so having "a place" for every indigene language does of course make some sense. There have long been Usenet groups like fr.comp.lang.perl.misc, de.comp.lang.perl.misc, and so forth, so why are there dozens of national Perl Monger groups all over Europe anyway? Who invented them in competition to the indigene Usenet groups? Why were they invented in the 1st place? Sorry, but I missed that bit of Perl history during the last 20 years. I mean, local Perl Monger groups don't discuss, how to get Perl into secondary schools in suburbs of Munich (e.g.), that would even get discussed more appropriately on a Bavarian level anyway. What sense does it make, if every village or town has its own Perl Mongers, if the only local issue discussed on that mailing list is the monthly call for "let's come together for a beer!". But if nothing serious at all occurs between "let's come together for a beer!" and "let's discuss this in our native language!" on a local mailing list, what's the reason for maintaining it? And in the end, the formal mailing list maintainer may even regard the mailing list her private property. Don't you laugh! That seems to be the sad reality. I can tell you names, if you want.
I personally think a single indigene (Usenet) group is enough per language. And actually you can subscribe to them via Google Groups, if you don't like NNTP. And there is no legal requirement for any of us to moderate a Usenet group. Less administrative work, more time for the family or for coding, as you want. Yes, we would have to look up again, on how to ignore flame wars on the Usenet, but there is plenty of literature and to-dos on that out there.

Furthermore: It looks to me, as if the Python mail manager used by quite a couple of local Perl Monger mailing lists goes together with a lack of democracy far more than Google Groups. The board is obscure, board decisions are obscure, almost everything is obscure there. But technically seen they work well, you may think.
Yes, Google Groups also suffer from deficiencies: they don't enforce public resp. reviewable decisions on article moderation and member elimination, but they are a far more suitable platform. Please prove me wrong!

Usenet groups got created somehow at the end of the 1st third of my IT life time, I sort of know, how to cope with them, as long as they don't get moderated by weird company staff. I always thought, they are good enough for almost every discussion, as long as HTML mails are not necessary.
Mailing lists got created quite a little later. I am not sure, why they got created in the 1st place. I mean, you can maintain local NNTP servers for local and secret Usenet partitions, you can also have the distributed variant of that, and let your corporate NNTP servers talk to each other.
I seriously have no idea, when and why indigene Perl Monger groups got invented, and why there are even village oriented Perl Monger groups.

I am interested in reading your comments.

And, yes, it's true: this is a blog, it's my blog, and of course I am non-publicly moderating the comments to my blog. Maybe we should continue this discussion somewhere on perl.lang.misc or so. As you want, just let me know!

Update after Brian d Foy's comment:
Brian is falsely assuming that the group knows and likes the board or even knows about the board's decisions. Through the technical nature of the mailing list (e.g. Python mailman) the board's identity is absolutely obscure.
If a board goes mad, and if it removes "disturbing elements" on the spot, then irregular board decisions can't get discussed on the local mailing list, and the "disturbing elements" can't even show up on group meetings, as they are no longer aware of them. So these irregular board decisions never get discussed in the local group, and disagreement never comes to the surface. Doesn't that remind you of certain political systems?
Brian also ignores the fact, that local Perl Monger groups are something, that you don't just tear down and re-build. The process of setting up a second Perl Monger group in "a village" might be more than just quite confusing, and if you don't reach the agreement and cooperation of the "owners" of the web sites, where the "national" Perl Monger groups get listed, than nobody will ever even notice, there is a new Perl Monger group in "that village". So in a way local Perl Monger groups need cooperation upstream to some extent, but there is no surveillance on local activities downstream. Well, there is some in a way: new local groups don't get easily listed.
Brian is right in that he proclaims, that local Perl Monger groups are good for local activities only. But what if the local board only calls to pub and beer garden events, with no technical equipment and facilities for presentations or just any kind of serious interaction possible. But through the nature of the organization and linking, they resp. their board are still the one and only local Perl Monger group standing for that village. They are pretty able to mute, extinguish, and prevent any activity, they don't like.
Back to the main issue: the board members are not (necessarily) known and defined in a public place, they don't get elected, their decisions are obscure as well. This just doesn't sound good for the reputation of Perl.
If you grant the brand Perl Mongers, you should also surveil its proper use. Use proper rules! Don't change the rules on the fly, as parents do with their kids! Manage transparent processes! Make legal prosecution possible!
I don't see a powerful organization backing the brand Perl Mongers, that imposes rules and surveils the processes.
So things are bound to go wrong sooner or later without rules and surveillance. And things are already going wrong.
Although since the Antique philosophers called humans the zoon politikon, geeks aren't. Geeks don't want to bother with group politics, neither with benevolent or other dictators. Geeks want to get back to their computer or their bed after the group meeting as soon as possible, they hope everything goes well with the group management, and they don't pay for it anyway, so why should they bother?
Maybe as long as you don't personally experience a local Perl Monger group, where things don't work out properly, you don't really understand what I am talking about. And the issue does not get solved by settling a single disagreement.
My request again: remove obscurity from local boards, remove "moderation" and all other disciplinary abilities from local boards, allow appeals, don't fear but support the interaction with the local states legal system! I don't really see the need for local Perl Monger groups below the "indigene language" / national level anyway. I mean: Simply calling for the monthly beer on the "national level" mailing list will leave the callers ashamed sooner or later, which certainly is a positive effect. And calling for the monthly event shouldn't really involve a lot of noise on the "national level" mailing list anyway. So removing the brand Perl Monger below the indigene language / national level looks to me like a step towards the right direction, if you don't want to impose a proper system together with rules and processes. And also on that level, these rules and processes must seriously get imposed.

Now I am tired, and I think everything is said more than once.

Update / 2010-09-09 02:37 local time:

I changed the title after recognizing the old one actually caused quite a stir.

MST let me know on 2010-09-08, he removed my blog from; and I somehow agreed to his reasons; but of course I am sorry to see this happen.
But then I still see an article of mine on that super-blog.
So did MST manage to remove a single article of mine and actually leave my blog on ironman.*?

I must actually say, that in 2010 I regard it a necessary feature of "Democracy-compatible" public organizations (such as at HQ level) to tolerate inner-organizational critic in public.
And then: after 20 years with Perl I still feel a little unwell with any truely incorporated Perl organization.

"Wasted" a couple of minutes on "my indigene" Perl usenet group during the last 48 hours or so, and I must say: that feels fare more right than any local PM group (that I know). Wherever bashing leads on the Usenet, you just don't have to fear, that your article does not appear or even that you get removed from "the public". Maybe some of you don't really understand how much that hurts. That's why they call my statements whining.

True: looking at whatever "bad" resp. just silly things may happen in local PM groups, compared to what KKK made happen, that's completely and utterly irrelevant. I guess for saving a single life "deleted" during KKK actions, I would entirely do for the remainder of my life w/o any PM involvement. Just to make a point. I am not kidding. I still have no real idea of how bad my idea was to quote KKK in my title. I am sorry for that. I mean it.

Update / 2010-09-11:
Renee, I am sorry, I disagree with you. Mailing list owners resp. (obscure) admin boards are not democratic per se. They didn't get elected, they don't resign by themselves regularly resp. at all, members cannot enforce changes on the board, their decisions and actions are neither public nor reviewable, members cannot appeal against (incorrect) sanctions.
Renee, do you seriously think, there's already enough democracy, if members can suggest and organize events by themselves?!?
Renee, I quoted the "board", because I know a PM "owner", who referred to people she seemed to involve in her decisions as "the regulars", which I rephrased here as "the board". I thought, I should assume there is at least a board and not just a single owner.
It looks as if you don't seriously expect proper democracry in local PM groups. If you are fine that way, that's alright, but that amount of democracy does not satisfy minimal expectations.

Moritz suggested, I should reason of why groups moderators or mailing list owners play bad. Well, I had already spent a lot of time on that, and I came to the conclusion, they just shouldn't be able to play bad at all. There positions and powers should be pretty similar to the ones of governments. Rather short legislations periods (maybe a year or so), their decisions should be public and reviewable, their powers should be separated, they shouldn't play law maker, judge, and prosecutor at the same time.Of course, there are more members than board members resp. group owners, and therefore there are more members to play wrong. Disciplinary sanctions may get applied against all of them, of course. Please read it up above! And no, I don't like dictators, neither benevolent ones nor others, none of them. But geeks think, in front of their computer screen they have no need for democracy. I completely disagree with them. There is no place, where democracy is unnecessary. And in our democracies I would like to be able to take kindergarden dictators to court. As simply as that. And public courts may then decide, who is right and who is wrong. Maybe a little more expensive, but that's the very reason for the incorporation of clubs. To provide some rules and also some protection against unserious actions against board members. There is no need to reinvent the democratic wheel for geeks in 2010.

Update / 2010-09-14:
That Moritz got actually a little angry with me, requesting me to unconditionally letting his comment through here. He seems to confuse a personal blog with something really public. I am sorry, but I won't let comments through here, that I don't like, simply put. My public statements may well get responded to, but not necessarily on my blog. A public mailing list or newsgroup or a pub really are something quite different.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

how to test procmail rules?

This may sound utterly silly, but within all these years, that I have been using procmail, I never came around to find a way of testing procmail rules other than by testing them in production for my incoming e-mail. The problem is, procmail gets called through sendmail and they deliver the messages. If I resend messages, sendmail changes the Return-Path header field, on which my rules are based. All other relevant looking header fields can get tweaked and faked, Return-Path seems alright (???).

I'll try to find out on the procmail list, ie. on .

Update / 2010-12-26:

Setting "VERBOSE=on" within your .procmailrc shows a lot of helpful output.

Yes, a message, that my .procmailrc does not deal with, as I think it should, must get copied to another IMAP folder; from there I copy it back to the IMAP folder, which I direct fetchmail to. I can repeat that endlessly, until I find out what's going on. Maybe that also works somehow with formail, but I haven't figured that out yet.

Hacking: The Next Generation - O'Reilly Media

Hacking: The Next Generation - O'Reilly Media

Monday, September 6, 2010

a recruiter asked for some changes in the style of my CV, and I changed the XSL stylesheets

Quite a couple of years ago I picked up xmlresume as my way of maintaining my CV.
A while ago I had to recognise, that xmlresume should be regarded vaporware nowadays. I started looking around, considered to migrate to HR-XML and its CV resp. profile style, but that didn't really convince me either.
In the course of the changing economical situation I decided to regard XSL no longer as rocket science. It's not more powerful that attribute grammars in compiler construction, so why should it be more complicated?
So now together with the pressure of that recruiter I dared to have a look into xmlresume's XSL stylesheets, and I actually achieved, what I attempted to achieve:
  • I changed the order of per-project details,
  • and also changed the indentation of the project period,
  • and all that for the FO and also for the HTML output.
I was rather satisfied with that success, and that encouraged me to also announce an XSL course quite soon.

Sunday late evening some guy dragged me into an absurd emacs/vi/textmate war

OMG, I decided long ago not to waste any 10 seconds time on any such foolish thing, but sometimes the devil comes in disguise ...

had a problem executing "ssh -X" into my new Linux box

Googled for the obvious messages, found myself in an Ubuntu forum, and I must tell you this:
Never look for help in any such forum! More incompetence than competence, you only find yourself fooled by school kids.

This solved my problem. It had to do with IPv6, which was set up for the kernel, but not for the network devices. I switched it of for the kernel then.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

AVM - FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 (20002448)

AVM - FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 (20002448) (That's the "castrated" Germany-only version.)

Both (web shop) and Saturn / Berlin / Europa-Center sell it not for EUR 215 resp. EUR 210 (Saturn).

BTW: The Annex A version is due within a couple of days.

zsync fills a gap in the technology available for large-scale file distribution


Found this through an openSUSE-11.4 announcement.

Songbird 1.8.0 adds support for more devices - The H Open Source: News and Features

Songbird 1.8.0 adds support for more devices - The H Open Source: News and Features

Google helps you OCR-ing your document

DocList API OCR Demo

Google SketchUp 3D modeling tool

Google SketchUp 3D modeling tool

Your Money: The Missing Manual - O'Reilly Media

Your Money: The Missing Manual - O'Reilly Media

The New Community Rules - O'Reilly Media

The New Community Rules - O'Reilly Media

The Twitter Book - O'Reilly Media

The Twitter Book - O'Reilly Media

You should get this sampler from the above book. They give you a great free introduction to Twitter there.

Google Press Center: the Google Twitter directory

Google Press Center: Twitter Directory

Facebook APIs are Open – Except if your too big (e.g. for Apple Ping). « Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

Facebook APIs are Open – Except if your too big. « Kevin Burton’s NEW FeedBlog

Take your Google Contacts with you - "Portable Contacts"

Social Web Blog: Take your Google Contacts with you

Homebrew — The missing package manager for OS X

Homebrew — MacPorts driving you to drink? Try Homebrew!

the Google Buzz team delivers Track, the long lost Twitter feature

Tracking the Buzz in Google Reader During VMworld

Google Apps Hacks - O'Reilly Media

Google Apps Hacks - O'Reilly Media

Apparently they don't offer this book as e-book.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ruby-FFI is a ruby extension for programmatically loading dynamic libraries, ...

ffi's ffi at master - GitHub

seamless access incl. launching to Ruby source and other files inside zip archives

byuni's ruby_archive at master - GitHub

German government, states must play role in Sarrazin dismissal, law professor Hans Herbert von Arnim says - Bloomberg

German Government, States Must Play Role in Sarrazin Dismissal, law professor Hans Herbert von Arnim says - Bloomberg

I love that. That's effectively a no go. Sarrazin must be a pretty smart chess player. He must have foreseen that, and now can he also enjoy his enemies' disaster. Congratulations to him.

I think, the way he gets perceived by most of his critics is simply put silly. They hate him for whatever, now they try to destroy his reputation entirely.

From what I know about him, he is definitely not anti-semitic. The jewish gene thing got brought up by Israeli scientists. He only quotes that.

Coast Guard: Offshore oil rig in Gulf of Mexico explodes

Coast Guard: Offshore oil rig in Gulf of Mexico explodes

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight Is Eight Weeks Before You're Traveling

The Cheapest Time to Book a Flight Is Eight Weeks Before You're Traveling

Even Faster Web Sites - O'Reilly Media

Even Faster Web Sites - O'Reilly Media

Emacs Emulation Extension Now Available! - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Emacs Emulation Extension Now Available! - The Visual Studio Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Emacs Emulation makes my heart jump. But why not merge Visual Studio and GNU Emacs? Sorry, B.S., I know.

SQL Cookbook - O'Reilly Media

SQL Cookbook - O'Reilly Media

O, funny! I already own this one, so I could remove it again from my "wish-list". So, I guess, I will have to announce a course on that, right?!!?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

APRESS.COM : The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Writing Extensible, Scalable and Maintainable Perl–Based Web Applications : 9781430223658

The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Learn to build web applications with Catalyst, the popular open-source web framework based on the Perl programming language. The Definitive Guide to Catalyst: Writing Extendable, Scalable, and Maintainable Perl-Based Web Applications is a definitive guide to Catalyst version 5.8.

APRESS.COM : The Definitive Guide to CentOS – today for just USD 10

APRESS.COM : The Definitive Guide to CentOS : 9781430219309

Book Details
The Definitive Guide to CentOS book cover
  • By Peter Membrey, Tim Verhoeven, Ralph Angenendt
  • ISBN13: 9781430219309
  • ISBN10: 1430219300
  • 352 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2009-07-09
  • eBook Price: $27.99

CentOS is just like Red Hat, but without the price tag and with the virtuous license. When belts have to be tightened, we want to read about an OS with all the features of a commercial Linux variety, but without the pain. The Definitive Guide to CentOS is the first definitive reference for CentOS and focuses on CentOS alone, the workhorse Linux distro, that does the heavy lifting in small and medium-size enterprises without drawing too much attention to itself.
  • Provides tutorial and hands-on learning but is also designed to be used as a reference
  • Bases all examples on real-world tasks that readers are likely to perform
  • Serves up hard-won examples and hints and tips from the author's experiences of CentOS in production

What you’ll learn

  • See why CentOS is an ideal platform for deploying services on the same level as Redhat Enterprise Linux without the cost.
  • Prepare and install a CentOS server from scratch.
  • Install and configure core services.
  • Follow best practices for managing and administering the server and its services.
  • Integrate enterprise features in CentOS/Red Hat networks.
  • And finally, move away from Fedora, which has great features, but is not meant to be a server OS!

Who is this book for?

Both beginning and experienced system administrators who want to have an industrial–strength Linux server distribution at their fingertips

Caribbean Islands - Martinique - published by Lonely Planet

Caribbean Islands - Martinique - Download Lonely Planet Chapter

Found this nice book on the Caribbean Islands from at Amazon. Wondered, whether it's not possible to get the book as PDF. Well, yes, and even better: I could select the chapters I am interested in. So I went for Martinique at EUR 3.50. Great deal! Raven – Scripting Java Builds with Ruby

APRESS.COM : Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby : 9781590598757

Book Details
Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby book cover
  • By Matthieu Riou
  • ISBN13: 9781590598757
  • ISBN10: 159059875x
  • 64 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2007-06-25
  • eBook Price: $13.99

Raven is a Ruby-based build system that leverages Ruby tools (namely Rake and Gems) to help you effectively and easily manage your Java projects, providing a way to handle dependencies and specific tasks for Java. Raven: Scripting Java Builds with Ruby covers the most productive and flexible Java build tool around with the following approach:
  • Uses practical examples and concise explanations to show you how to effectively use Raven
  • Summarizes best practices and delves into coverage of the more complex scenarios you will inevitably encounter when using Raven
  • Empowers you to set up a complete build environment in no time

What you’ll learn

  • Why Gems are useful and how to manage your local Gem repository
  • How to create your first Rake file, effectively use Ravens command-line features, and manage task dependencies
  • How to execute Raven tasks and adhere to best practices by following along with a number of simple yet practical examples
  • How to wrap your Java code into your own Gems, allowing you to easily maintain, reuse, and disseminate your code using the Gem packaging system
  • How to apply advanced techniques like building your own Gem repository and more

Who is this book for?

Any beginning, intermediate, or advanced Java developer or architect having some interest in using the Ruby language to supplement their skill set. Readers interested in build tools such as Ant and Maven will also find this book appealing.

APRESS.COM : Developing with Google App Engine : 9781430218319

APRESS.COM : Developing with Google App Engine : 9781430218319
Book Details
Developing with Google App Engine book cover
  • By Eugene Ciurana
  • ISBN13: 9781430218319
  • ISBN10: 1430218312
  • 164 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2009-02-02
  • eBook Price: $13.99

Developing with Google App Engine introduces development with Google App Engine, a platform that provides developers and users with infrastructure Google itself uses to develop and deploy massively scalable applications.
  • Introduction to concepts
  • Development with App Engine
  • Deployment into App Engine

What you’ll learn

  • Create processes that are ideal for cloud platforms.
  • Design data for the cloud.
  • Learn what types of applications are ideal for the cloud.
  • Deploy web applications into the cloud.
  • Measure the success and health of the cloud.

Who is this book for?

Python developers, developers interested in massive scaling, and developers interested in Google or cloud computing

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful APIs for Richer Internet Application Development

Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful APIs for Richer Internet Application Development

CEDET 1.0 adds IDE features to Emacs - The H Open Source: News and Features

CEDET 1.0 adds IDE features to Emacs - The H Open Source: News and Features

Sony rises to digital-media challenge - Yahoo! Finance

Sony rises to digital-media challenge - Yahoo! Finance

book: Pragmatic Guide to Subversion

The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Pragmatic Guide to Subversion

new book: Cloud Application Architectures - O'Reilly Media

Cloud Application Architectures - O'Reilly Media

movie: The Mist (2007)

The Mist (2007)

I am seriously not into scary movies, but this one isnt't bad. My recommendation.