Tuesday, November 27, 2012

English grammar: commas and relative clauses

Relative that follows its antecedent:
When a relative (clause) immediately follows its antecedent, and is taken in a restrictive sense ("restrictive clause"), the comma should not be introduced before it.
The relative clause gets completed with a comma though. Of course it gets omitted, if there is a period anyway.

wikibooks on the grammar of the English language

Looks like the major entry in that list is this one:

Monday, November 26, 2012

O'Reilly Media book: Monitoring with Ganglia

Monitoring with Ganglia:
Written by Ganglia designers and maintainers, this book shows you how to collect and visualize metrics from clusters, grids, and cloud infrastructures at any scale. This hands-on book helps experienced system administrators take advantage of Ganglia 3.x.

O'Reilly Media book: Practical mod_perl

Monday, November 19, 2012

O'Reilly Media book: Testing in Scala

Testing in Scala:
Testing in Scala starts with an introduction of the Scala programming language, explains why project infrastructure is critical, and provides compelling reasons to use Scala testing frameworks to not only test Scala code, but Java code too. This book introduces and explains the Simple Build Tool, the Scala answer to Ant, Maven, Gradle, and Buildr. It then explains in detail all the best tools for testing Scala and Java code today--ScalaTest, Specs2, ScalaCheck, and Borachio. Testing in Scala also gives insight on how to integrate coverage tools, continuous integration, web acceptance frameworks, and Java testing frameworks that you already know and love.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

how to relocate to Israel – if you have an Israeli partner

step by step process for citizenship in israel | Relocation to Israel

A Ukrainian, non-jewish RoR devloper asked on israel.rb (the Israeli Ruby on Rails user group), how he could get a job in Israel (thread).
Somebody pointed him there to the above web page. Actually it sounded there, like there is no such restriction as "you do have an Israeli partner and …" – but there is. Maybe I would have to re-activate my Ex-GF in such a case ;-)

When I applied for an SAP R&D job in Israel a couple of years ago, I rather ran into a wall then. Well, yes, I have to admit: I don't have an Israeli or jewish partner, and I am a little hopeless proving the relevance of my grand-grandfather by the surname of Wassermann.

My comment on israel.rb on 2012-11-08 got removed the same day.

Postbank (Germany) goes XML: camt.052 (a part of ISO 20022)

Postbank (a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank) recently started offering the download of a BankToCustomerAccountReport AKA camt.052, which is a part of ISO 20022, the "universal financial industry message scheme".

According to their "full catalogue of ISO 20022 messages" [Link]:

  • camt = Cash Management, camt.052 = BankToCustomerAccountReport ()
I would actually like to have that facility available as a web service: I authenticate, I give it a start and an end date, and it returns me the XML.
But right now I have to log into www.postbank.de and to navigate to the right place.
And of course, they keep changing that navigation. I have got some experience with that problem.

Another camt-Link.

PPT = Perl Power Tools: "Unix Reconstruction Project"

Welcome to the Unix Reconstruction Project.
Our goal is quite simply to reimplement the classic Unix command set in pure Perl, and to have as much fun as we can doing so.

I would really love to have a few more utilities in that collection:
Yes, the GNU coreutils do certain things much, much better, but still … – yet: you can install PPT privately and with a rather small footprint, which makes them rather suitable in certain corporate environments. 

Just a few goodies:
  • tcgrep lets you traverse directory trees – more or less like ack (see below!)
  • tail lets you follow multiple files simultaneously
Parts of the collection with a separate life outside the collection:
A few utilities, that are not formally a part of this collection:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

TestAnything.org :TAP::Parser Cookbook

the cookbook

2013-02-05: The website is up again, but I can't get hold on the cookbook.

2012-11-19: When I tried to look a little around on TestAnything.org in November 2012, the web-site was rather broken. I looked the domain name up on whois.net, found Andy Armstrong and his e-mail address, and dropped him a note. This is how the error message looked like:

Test Anything Protocol has a problem
Sorry! This site is experiencing technical difficulties.
Try waiting a few minutes and reloading.
(Can't contact the database server: Unknown database 'testanything' (localhost))

TAP = Test Anything Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Test Anything Protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monday, November 5, 2012

CPAN: Test::Tutorial - A tutorial about writing really basic tests

Test::Tutorial - A tutorial about writing really basic tests - metacpan.org

I wrote some code to test a customer's perl code, not having (had) a look at Test::More or whatever beforehand.
After completing my task, I tweaked my code to make use of Test::More. Now it's optionally creating TAP.
My next step: reading and exercising.