Thursday, September 27, 2012

how to reach the usual "alt-..." keyboard bindings with an emacs from emacsformacosx

GNU Emacs For Mac OS X – this is the emacs, I am referring to here.

OS X and emacs use the "alt" key differently, so how do I achieve on OS X within emacs what I usually achieve with "alt", like entering "[" through alt-5?

I sacrificed the right "alt" key to work the Mac OS X way (by setting ns-right-alternate-modifier to none), and the left "alt" key to work the emacs way.

Enter this within your emacs (from on OS X:

M-x customize-group ns

 suggested that in a thread on [Link].

Now I can enter "[" on my Austrian/German Mac keyboard through (right) alt-5.

I had waited far to long, before thoroughly investigating this.

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