Tuesday, February 12, 2013

the spec for my future MacBook Pro/Retina

  • I would still love to have a 17" display, but apparently they don't want to resp. cannot offer this (for the time being).
  • Of course I would love to have as much RAM as possible (esp. for running my Windows and the opensuse GUI virtual machines), but apparently the difference between 8 and 16 GB RAM is just usury ("daylight robbery").
  • I think, a 256 GB will do, I don't want to store many huge files long-term, and (the price for) the difference between the 256 and the 512 GB SSD is also quite impressive.
conrad.de offers this spec for € 2050. Apparently you can get that cheaper on eBay, but I need a bill with explicit VAT, that I can use company accounting-wise. The advantage with conrad.de is actually, that they offer 3-years warranties for free for customers holding a conrad customer card. Maybe these warranties don't cover Apple hardware though?

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