Wednesday, June 19, 2013

disk back-ups sorted, new scanning computer sorted – happily looking forward

Integrated my "new" Synology NAS into my back-up concept in practice; I can of course back up at home on the LAN, but I can also back up over WAN (which is the more crucial variant) – rsync-wise "of course", i.e. sort of "differentially". And for the time being rsync-ing to my NAS seems to work as well again. I can talk to the NAS Mac-wise ("AFS"), and through SSH / RSYNC / SMB, but I have not accessed it successfully through NFS yet – which would be nice for accessing it from (openSUSE) Linux.

I also manage again backing up to USB disks from my VirtualBox openSUSE guest OS.
But occasionally I install openSUSE updates, and they enforce OS restarts, which I usually delay for far too long, so in the meantime no back ups and no access at all to my "Encrypted Big Disk" outside my computer, where I keep all sorts of long-term data.

I got me a Mac Mini, that stays of course in the office room, and it talks to the printers and the scanner, and of course it talks to the NAS. So I can take, whatever comes in from wherever (I am referring to the letters in my mailbox, that I am supposed to take out on Fridays on my arrivals at home), and take that stuff to my "scanning facility" and get them scanned, move the files to the NAS, so I can pick them up from there from wherever. Even from outside over the WAN. If there's enough time, I can even name the files properly.

All this doesn't really do the work to be done itself, but it facilitates achieving things. It makes me look forward a little happier and more optimistic. I do know now, how to achieve certain things within my rather limited time.

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