Thursday, June 20, 2013

using "calibre" for "e-book management"

calibre - E-book management

  • I listened to colleagues nearby here in the office this morning.

    • Colleague A had gotten a Kindle as birthday present,
    • he "certainly" doesn't want to get the typical publications for the Kindle,
    • instead he wants to get dusty PDFs and whatever from the 16th century,
    • and his initial question to colleague B was, whether the Kindle would read them.
    • Colleague B suggested calibre to convert everything interesting to the Kindle format.
    • I got bashed "a little" and laughed about for asking why not simply purchasing the bestseller suggested on the radio or by friends.
    I myself like PDF a lot. Their pages still look like in printed books, i.e. the text is not flowing completely dynamically. The human memory supports graphical associations, i.e. you (sometimes) easily remember on what page and in what area you once read a term or a phrase. 

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