Friday, November 15, 2013

Hibiscus Payment Server – HBCI banking

With the hibiscus-server running on (let's say) your current machine at port 8080 (AKA https://localhost:8080), you have a few rather useful services available:

I would love to see this running on my Synology NAS at home with plenty of Internet bandwith available, so that I can get my bank account transactions updated over the Internet a few times each day.

These days Synology does not supply Java on their devices – I assume, they do not want to get officially bothered with Java difficulties on their devices. But still here I found a description of how to install Oracle Java SE on a Synology NAS:
Wth the "https://localhost:8080/webadmin/rest/hibiscus/konto/…" REST services listed above I get hold off account data rather, rather easily like this:
$ curl --sslv3 --insecure \
    --user jameica:PASSWORD \
Now I prefer developing software using Perl, and I will make use of the JSON lists in Perl, and that should be rather easy. I think, I am going to abandon my web-scraping scripts in Perl, once all this is in place. Web-scraping banking web-sites is a rather tedious business, whereas HBCI is a confirmed banking standard in this country (Germany), and I consider the Hibiscus Server as a rather either way to deal with the HBCI Moloch AKA FinTS.


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