Thursday, October 31, 2013

Emacs and VC AKA Version Control

I am working for a customer
  • on WinXP
  • with GNU Emacs 24.2.1
  • through Tramp
  • resp. putty plink ("pscp")
  • on AIX files.

They are using CVS on AIX, but as I am actually the only Emacs user there, I don't really bother going through the set-up for using Emacs with CVS on WinXP.

Recently I looked into *tramp/pscp HOSTNAME*, and I decided I would be able cutting down on my waiting time, if I drastically reduced the list of files and directories being checked through VC in that environment.

I really don't mind the VC overhead on OS X or (SUSE) Linux, but in that difficult environment I rather want to proceed as described.

I found vc-handled-backends and customized it the Emacs way, and I was done.

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