Saturday, October 19, 2013

running more than 1 blog from one WordPress site …

First I tried to employ WordPress on my Synology NAS for that, but that does not look trivial at the 2nd look.

Actually … – at the link(s) above they show an RSS feed link for a specific tag – maybe that's good enough for my purposes – maybe not.

My WordPress installation on my NAS:

  • Before I start fiddling in the way described for multi-site WordPress installations (patching various PHP files), I am tempted to upgrade to the very latest WordPress release available.
  • But of course with Synology DSM, you are a little restricted …
Looks like this is not my last and successful attempt to get going with WordPress.

Facit: It works for simple purposes, but in my situation (blogging at least separately in English and in German) it's not yet for me. With it's rather easy to have separate blogs. And if you are cautious enough, particular ones can really be considered as anonymous.

Update …:
I assume, I have more flexibility, if I install WordPress on my web space at rather than on my NAS. It's Debian there.

Update 2013-12-25:

I am not sure, whether I will go for a "sub-domains" (AKA domain-based) or for "sub-directories" (AKA path-based).
I am using "sub-domains" with so far, but certainly only because there was no other option.
I assume, "sub-directory" will cause not as much Apache fiddling. Just "" and "" and so forth to be set up (more or less) separately …

Update 2013-12-25:
  • unpack the tar.gz into subdirectory wordpress
  • add the line mentioning WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE as descibed within "Create A Network"
  • visit the readme.html of my wordpress subdirectory in a browser and do as described there

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